My Epiphany of the day: Big Bang Theory = mothership for forever nerds, people who look, speak, and act nerd from the time they were born to the moment they die, have geek, jobs, and smarts pouring out their eyeballs.        


Supernatural= mothership for closet nerds, people with ordinary jobs, IQ’s and life tracts but underneath the surface hide fangirls who while checking out your groceries wonder if she can pull off a Princess Leia hairdo, or guys while collecting the trash wonder which is better a sonic screwdriver or a magic wand?  


Still both groups know that, The spice must flow, the Shadow knows, the Force is with you; sliver is for were-creatures, iron is for faeries (and sometimes witches), holy water is for demons, its always bigger on the inside, crossroads are dangerous, pirates are swank, Loki is a puny god, and clever and passionate is always better than dumb and pretty.


Nerds United!