Ken Follet’s Paper Money follows the tangled web of events during a single day in London with a host of diverse characters. Keeping track of who’s who can be tricky at first but it pays off in the end. The essential question that this book brought up to me is, do all our struggles really matter at the end of the day.

Paper Money trails the life of hoodlums, reporters, captains of industry, and a frisky housewife. Good or bad most of them gain a little here and lose a little there. Some of what is lost is irreplaceable and tragic. Other’s win dignity, love, or just and insight into the struggle that is life.

The most resounding thing that Follet brought out in his book was crushing in its truth. After all their scheming, planning, contingency plan upon contingency most won or lost because of some event totally beyond their control. How many times have you asked, how did I get here, and realized it was through no brilliant play or your part but because of some outside force limiting your options. Hard truth Ladies and Gents, 90% of our lives are out of our hands. It’s up to us to make the rest right with our 10%.

Next on my reading list is The Dark Unwinding, by Sharon Cameron and The Great Gatsby. I might even go classic SciFi with a Heinlein book (if you don’t know Heinlein go find out, NOW).