In the world of Azuela & Vaughn, every human being has been subject to some form of genetic engineering. Most are as simple as removing certain chromosomal mutations and ensuring the child is free of genetic markers for diseases and mental instability.

The elite take it a step further. Azuela comes from a long line of genetically elite. Generations of her line have been pair to produce the best offspring with the best physical and mental abilities possible.  Unlike most of us who have a family history of some type of disease or condition (diabetes and asthma in mine), Azuela comes from a line of physically perfect individuals. On top of that items like height, weight, muscle tone, where optimized before implantation.

Lord Vaughn too has a complex family history of genetic engineering. From his line, different characteristics were focused on. Height, weight, muscle tone were all carefully manipulated.  The rarest feature on him are his blue eyes. Due to a virus that wiped out more than half the population, blue eyes are literally one in a million. Less than 2% of the population has blue eyes Vaughn’s blue eyes automatically label him as a royal.

Real World:    

Genetic Engineering has affected all of our lives. Much of the food we eat today has been manipulated to be high yield, from the plants to the animals we consume. Stem cell medicine and gene therapies are used to treat and even cure genetic malformations and damage due to injuries. Animals have been cloned, most famous is dolly the sheep. Scientists have cloned human tissue as well. So far, cloning humans is hot button issue but many say it is a matter of time before people have designer babies or clones.