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My Epiphany of the day: Big Bang Theory = mothership for forever nerds, people who look, speak, and act nerd from the time they were born to the moment they die, have geek, jobs, and smarts pouring out their eyeballs.        


Supernatural= mothership for closet nerds, people with ordinary jobs, IQ’s and life tracts but underneath the surface hide fangirls who while checking out your groceries wonder if she can pull off a Princess Leia hairdo, or guys while collecting the trash wonder which is better a sonic screwdriver or a magic wand?  


Still both groups know that, The spice must flow, the Shadow knows, the Force is with you; sliver is for were-creatures, iron is for faeries (and sometimes witches), holy water is for demons, its always bigger on the inside, crossroads are dangerous, pirates are swank, Loki is a puny god, and clever and passionate is always better than dumb and pretty.


Nerds United!



My WIP Azuela & Vaughn (aka Contracted Servant) is already getting noticed and I haven’t exactly finished it. I submitted the first three chapters to the Critique My Novel contest. The pitch for the contest intrigued me because it said; For the 25$ entrance fee you get exposure to agents and note on your work from people who’s life is books. It sounded to good to pass up. The extra prize of placing in the top three feels like an added bonus.

I’m done rambling now. If you wish to check it out here’s the link.

Women in Fantasy Art

I wrote a post (as my alter ego) about the quality of woman in most fantasy art and I figured it would be appropriate to share here. r169_457x257_5049_Fnpc_2d_knight_warrior_girl_woman_fantasy_armor_picture_image_digital_art

Super moon

It’s super moon day and I love it. SO many cultures around the world have worshiped the moon as a god. Now that it’s at it’s peak I can see why. NASA explains why the super moon comes about in a wonderful video, @Super moon

Perigee Moon

Nanites as internal Doctors

In researching for Azuela and Vaughn I’ve come across some weird things but this is the best.

The Dark Unwinding

The Dark Unwinding is a Steampunk story about a young woman struggling to do the right thing weighed against her own possible destruction. It’s about and eccentric genius who’s world may come crashing down because of the greed of another. The Dark Unwinding weaves and complex web of plots in a beautiful pattern.

The story of Katherine Tulman and her brilliant yet childlike Uncle Tully serves as the catalyst for a vibrant world filled with brilliantly crafted toys, a community built on fierce loyalty, and a plot to destroy the British navy.

Katherine Tulman isn’t your typical young female heroine. She has a strength and intelligent beyond her years. As an engineer myself I really appreciated her skill and appreciation of numbers and geometry. Beauty and brains, what more can you ask for in a heroine.

It’s a fast read but it may be hard to keep up with all the twist if you’re not paying close attention. The ending satisfies all the plots. I would definitely recommend it to any Steampunk lover or anyone who likes a strong character novel.

Paper Money


Ken Follet’s Paper Money follows the tangled web of events during a single day in London with a host of diverse characters. Keeping track of who’s who can be tricky at first but it pays off in the end. The essential question that this book brought up to me is, do all our struggles really matter at the end of the day.

Paper Money trails the life of hoodlums, reporters, captains of industry, and a frisky housewife. Good or bad most of them gain a little here and lose a little there. Some of what is lost is irreplaceable and tragic. Other’s win dignity, love, or just and insight into the struggle that is life.

The most resounding thing that Follet brought out in his book was crushing in its truth. After all their scheming, planning, contingency plan upon contingency most won or lost because of some event totally beyond their control. How many times have you asked, how did I get here, and realized it was through no brilliant play or your part but because of some outside force limiting your options. Hard truth Ladies and Gents, 90% of our lives are out of our hands. It’s up to us to make the rest right with our 10%.

Next on my reading list is The Dark Unwinding, by Sharon Cameron and The Great Gatsby. I might even go classic SciFi with a Heinlein book (if you don’t know Heinlein go find out, NOW).

Misunderstood Monday

Another Monday destroyed by the stresses of a weekend past. All this time I thought Monday’s were evil. I misplaced my anger and loathing. It’s not Mondays I hate so completely; it is the unfulfilled promises of the weekend that makes Monday such a chore.

If the weekend stood up to all the great ideals I have for it Monday would be just another day that goes by, another opportunity to commune with work mates and put effort into the career path I’ve chosen. The weekend never lives up to its potential. It always leaves me bare.

I start on Wednesday thinking of all the things I’m going to do in that glorious upcoming weekend. Maybe I’ll reorganize that closet I’ve been meaning to get to. Or I’ll finally finish reading that book that had me so wrapped up last week. Better yet, I could go to the park with my dog and let her run wild the way she wants to. She’ll love me for weeks after that.

Then the weekend comes and there’s a million possibilities and little time. My brain becomes overloaded. A few necessary things pop up that eat up more time than should be allowed. I get frustrated and aggravated.

Sunday afternoon comes and I’ve done nothing to whittle down the list of fun things to do. Monday looms like a hungry dragon ready to devour all of my time and hope. I give in, forget it, I chide myself. So I plop myself in front of the TV and let it lull me into oblivion.

Another weekend wasted and another Monday abhorred.  When will the cycle end? When will Monday get the credit it deserves? Sorry dear Monday, I will learn to love you before the end.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering.



     In the world of Azuela & Vaughn, every human being has been subject to some form of genetic engineering. Most are as simple as removing certain chromosomal mutations and ensuring the child is free of genetic markers for diseases and mental instability.

The elite take it a step further. Azuela comes from a long line of genetically elite. Generations of her line have been pair to produce the best offspring with the best physical and mental abilities possible.  Unlike most of us who have a family history of some type of disease or condition (diabetes and asthma in mine), Azuela comes from a line of physically perfect individuals. On top of that items like height, weight, muscle tone, where optimized before implantation.

Lord Vaughn too has a complex family history of genetic engineering. From his line, different characteristics were focused on. Height, weight, muscle tone were all carefully manipulated.  The rarest feature on him are his blue eyes. Due to a virus that wiped out more than half the population, blue eyes are literally one in a million. Less than 2% of the population has blue eyes Vaughn’s blue eyes automatically label him as a royal.

Real World:    

Genetic Engineering has affected all of our lives. Much of the food we eat today has been manipulated to be high yield, from the plants to the animals we consume. Stem cell medicine and gene therapies are used to treat and even cure genetic malformations and damage due to injuries. Animals have been cloned, most famous is dolly the sheep. Scientists have cloned human tissue as well. So far, cloning humans is hot button issue but many say it is a matter of time before people have designer babies or clones.